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Writing the perfect Thank You

There is something so special about a hand-written thank you note. We live in a very digital world where we share everything imaginable with our friends, family, & followers. Somethings, however, deserve more then 140 characters. Whether you're thanking someone for a thoughtful gift, for attending your celebration, or for opening up their home to you, a thank you note will always be a beautiful surprise.

It may be a little old fashioned but with these six easy steps you are sure to impress!

1. Greeting: Dear Aunt Molly,

  • It is always a good idea to make sure the spelling of their name is correct. They will appreciate it!

2. Say Thank You: Thank You so much...

  • Thank you so much for the kitchen aid mixer.

  • Thank you for the generous gift.

  • Thank you for sharing in our special day.

  • When possible, be specific: Gray & White Towels, Gold Serving Spoons...

3. Add Detail: How you’ll use the gift

  • I can’t wait to make your famous red velvet cupcakes with it!

  • We are looking forward to furnishing our new living room with the money.

  • Having you there for our first dance meant the world to us.

4. Celebrate the Future: See you soon!

  • Think ahead to the next time you will visit with them or just let them know you are thinking of them.

  • We are looking forward to visiting with you at Christmas!

  • We love you & uncle George and think of you often.

5. Thank you again: Thanks again...

  • Thank you again for the wonderful gift. It is beautiful!

  • Again, thank you for your generosity. We will have you over soon!

  • Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to fly to Nashville. We were so blessed to have you!

6. Closing: With love,

  • Sincerely is safe, but for those closest to you, with love or yours truly may be more fitting.

Whether you're a bride to be (in which case you'll have lots of writing to do), or just working on your southern charm, there are some do's & don'ts. Here are a few I try to remember.

DO: Handwrite your thank you notes. In a very digital world getting a hand-written note in the mail is a beautiful surprise.

DO: Buy stationary. You don’t have to splurge but receiving a nice, thick, note card speaks volumes.

DO: Send a note, even if it’s late. One to three months is best, but if you are outside of that timeline maybe start with “I’ve been meaning to”.

DON'T: “Thanks for the cash!” Rather thank them for their generosity and let them know how you’ll use the money.

DON'T: Use a pencil, glitter or colored pen. Instead, use a luxurious fountain pen, felt tip pen, or even a calligraphy pen.

DON'T: Ramble or exaggerate. A short & sweet note of thanks is all it needs to be.

Do you send thank you notes? I hope this will help!

xo, Britney

P.S. Here's a cheat sheet for you to Pin for later.


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